Living Our Mission

Over the past six months, Decorah Community School District has engaged in a process of redefining our shared mission, vision, and values.  I never could have imagined that what we say we are all about would be put to the test as quickly, and unpredictably as it was this week.

Mission: The organization’s overall function

  • Why does DCSD exist?
  • What is our fundamental purpose?
  • Who and what are we all about?

After multiple rounds of staff input and feedback, I recently presented a new mission statement to the Decorah Board of Education, Learning – Thriving – Creating Our Legacy.   

When we share this mission statement we are saying to our community  that at Decorah CSD we embrace student learning and well-being as our fundamental purpose; we will, in partnership with our students, families, and community, make the world a better place.

In the past five days, I have witnessed countless examples of our staff, board of directors, families, and community bringing this new mission to life.  We have rallied together to create a legacy of care for neighbors.  We have given of ourselves in ways that support others’ health and well-being.  We have considered our duty to support equitable learning opportunities in unpredictable circumstances. We have partner selflessly to maintain some sense of security and calm for our peers.

I do not know what the next few weeks and months will bring, but I am confident that years from now, we will look back on the COVID-19 crisis, and remember a time when we did truly create our legacy.

I invite you to review our newly proposed mission, vision, and values below.  These statements will be presented for approval to the Decorah CSD Board of Education at our April 13 meeting.  I look forward to the opportunity to describe how we have, and will continue to bring these words to life through service to our students, families, community, and each other.





2 thoughts on “Living Our Mission”

  1. I like how equity and well-being go hand and hand. Our physical and mental health requires truly embracing a practice of greater empathy and equity for everyone at Decorah Schools.

    Thanks for your leadership.

    1. Thank you Carolyn. I was please that our staff and board felt it was important to clearly state this in our mission, vision, and values.

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