2019 Iowa School Performance Profile Results Rollout

At the end of January, the Iowa Department of Education opened public access to the 2019 Iowa School Performance Profiles website.  The Performance Profiles website is an online tool showing how public schools have performed on certain measures. The website includes district and school scores, ratings, and data.  The Iowa Department of Education updates the Performance Profiles website annually.

You can visit the Iowa School Performance Profiles website at iaschoolperformance.gov.

I encourage you to watch the video below to gain insights into how district and school performance profiles are created, and strengths and opportunities for improvement within Decorah Community School District results.

The Iowa Department of Education has provided a helpful fact sheet regarding Iowa School Performance Profiles.  You can find the fact sheet here.

The Iowa School Performance Profile System was designed to meet accountability standards in the federal  Every Student Succeeds Act.  You can learn more about how Iowa meets federal public education requirements here.

The links below will take you to our district and building specific profiles.

Thank you for taking some time to understand the Iowa School Performance Profile system, and how we use the system to continually improve our district.